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What is Shopify

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what is shopify

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What is Shopify


What is Shopify? It is an ecommerce software solution that caters to online businesses both big and small. They provide everything that is needed by ecommerce websites for setting up and running an online store. Businesses are able to build their ecommerce website by choosing a domain name, selecting a pre-designed template or paying for a customized design, and activating it, that’s it. Shopify’s Theme Store offers professional, unique, and cool designs intended for different types of ecommerce sites.

Once your online store is built, there is even more great tools provided by Shopify to manage your inventory, handle transactions, provide exceptional customer satisfaction as well as promote your products throughout the web on social media sites. More importantly, their security measures ensure a safe online shopping experience for your customers, prevents fraudulent charges and protects private data from hackers. Shopify makes running an online business easier than ever.

For the online stores’ benefit, Shopify has partnered with over 50 payment gateways including and Google Checkout to allow acceptance of payment through credit cards. Another great thing about Shopify is that it provides online stores with automatic marketing and built-in search engine optimization for their shopping carts. This allows online stores to increase their traffic by being easily found on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The question what is Shopify can easily be summed up this way.