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What is Ecommerce

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what is ecommerce

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What is Ecommerce


By now most of you should not be asking what is ecommerce. Ecommerce is so prevalent that most people who go online should have a pretty good idea of what it is. Ecommerce is actually a very general idea, one that includes anything that involves some kind of monetary transaction over the Internet. The buying and selling of goods and services over the Internet is what ecommerce is all about. It requires proper online transaction processing to make sure the buyer’s payment is debited while the seller is credited without any mistakes.

When speaking of what is ecommerce, we cannot forget about how it all came together. In the 1970’s when the Internet was not even invented yet, there were already signs of ecommerce emerging. Ecommerce grew out of the early days of electronic data interchange (EDI) and electronic funds transfer (EFT). During the 80’s it was possible to accept credit cards over the phone. By the time the Internet came about, ecommerce did not truly gain ground until around the year 2000 when security protocols were properly established to ensure safe online transactions. Now more and more businesses both big and small are taking what they have to offer offline into the online realm.

There are several different types of ecommerce. Websites such as Amazon usually come to mind when people think about ecommerce. This is the most common type which is known as business to consumer (B2C) ecommerce. There is also business to business (B2B) ecommerce which allows companies to conduct business online with each other. Consumer to Consumer (C2C) ecommerce is yet another popular example of ecommerce most commonly represented by auction sites such as Ebay. If you combine all three types, you will notice just how many ecommerce websites are currently on the Internet. So what is ecommerce to you?