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Submit Product Feeds

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Submit Product Feeds

Product rss feeds are used to notify search engines of product page updates or new additions and are great for getting more targeted traffic to your site. Submit product feeds with product marketing software to promote the items in your store on price comparison sites and product search engines.

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One of the best ways to promote the products on your e-commerce site is to submit their data feeds to product search engines and price comparison sites. By making use of product feeds, you end up with better quality traffic, namely consumers who are actually willing to make a purchase.

Product feeds are used by e-commerce business owners to alert search engines of new product additions to their catalog or updates to their existing products. Online shoppers are able to find products they are looking for through product feeds. They can directly do a product search or go on price comparison sites to find good deals.

The problem with having an online store is that it is not very well optimized for the search engines. The main reasons are there are too many images and not enough text, which means very little content for search engines to determine what your site is about. Prevalent use of generic descriptions creates duplicate content, which also results in lackluster search engine results.

The advantages of using product feeds are that they alert the search engine to crawl the pages of an online store. These feeds expose your products to more online shoppers. Since these shoppers know exactly what they want when they do a search, the traffic going to your e-commerce site through product feeds are very targeted and as a result, your sales are likely to increase, because these consumers are ready to buy.

There are several sites you can submit your product feeds to, they include Yahoo Shopping, Price Grabber, Bizrate, Shopzilla and Google Product Search. Theses are among the most popular although there are many more.

What you need is an e-commerce solution that works with all the major product search and price comparison sites. It should be able to automatically create and update product feeds and submit them for you.

submit product feeds

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