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Shopify vs Volusion

By on Dec 13, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

shopify vs volusion

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Shopify vs Volusion


This is a Shopify vs Volusion review about the ecommerce software plan they both offer to build and maintain ecommerce websites. Shopify has affordable ecommerce software plans as does Volusion. The most basic ecommerce plan from Shopify is available for $29, it includes free setup, unlimited bandwidth, 2.0% transaction fee, 100 SKUs, 1GB storage and other standard features such as a secure shopping cart, marketing and SEO services, mobile store, web design, control panel, and ecommerce hosting. For Volusion, their lowest ecommerce software plan is at $9 per month, however its features are a lot more limited. They have features such as SKUs, mobile store, and social media tools. Unlike Shopify, secure ecommerce hosting is not included in the basic plan. An online business will have to pay $79 per year for the payment security with SSL certificate add-on.

Online businesses will also have to pay if they want to have additional bandwidth. With Volusion, the additional bandwidth is available at $0.007 per 1MB per month and Disk Space and SQL overages are $0.02/1MB per month. Shopify offers unlimited bandwidth even for its lowest plan at $29. If you notice, even if Volusion offers a very low-priced plan of $9 per month, online businesses would still have to pay additional charges in order to have a fully functional website with room to grow.

The result of this Shopify vs Volusion review is more favorable towards Shopify due to its affordability and more importantly the features included in the most basic plans offered by the ecommerce software provider. That is not to say that Volusion does not have anything good to offer. Why not try them both out? They offer free trials with no commitment necessary.