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Newsletter Program

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Newsletter Program

Build better relationships with your customers using an ezine or website newsletter. With the right newsletter management software, you can create an online store with a built-in newsletter program to send announcements of new products, promotions or discounts to all your subscribers at once.

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Newsletter Program

Newsletters are an effective marketing tool used by many e-commerce businesses to communicate with and inform their customers about the business long after they have made a purchase. It is an absolute must for any online store.

Studies have shown that repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers. Use newsletters to build a better relationship with those existing customers and sell to them again and again. Use it to keep reminding them of your brand, introduce them to new products in your store, announce special promotions or discounts.

There are many ways you can produce better newsletters to go with your online store. Here are just a few tips to help with your newsletter creation. It should match the look and feel of your online store. It needs to be brief, content should be kept to a minimum. Provide multiple calls to action such as links to be directed to your product pages or sales pages. Add important information related to your products, for instance consumer reports.

Deliver the newsletter on a consistent basis. Always announce new products to your newsletter subscribers. Offer special promotions and discounts for the people on your list and include an unsubscribe link in the footer of your email newsletters to give people the option of opting out.

There are several things you can do to get new subscribers. Most importantly, you should have a sign up box or link prominently displayed throughout your site, preferably in the header, footer or sidebar areas. Customers should also be able to sign up in the checkout. Use a ‘Tell a Friend’ feature to collect more emails for your list, and creating contests is another great way to build your list.

What you need is an e-commerce solution that has a built-in newsletter program that lets you create and send newsletters from the store admin, allows you to manage your subscriber list, lets you customize the design of the newsletter, includes sign up in the checkout and can automatically handle people who unsubscribe to the list.

Core Commerce has all the necessary functions for you to create, manage and send out newsletters to your subscribers. With design tools to set up your store in minutes, a full list of growing features at your disposal and superior support, it’s no wonder they are rated one of the best e-commerce solutions. Try it absolutely free for 15 days without giving them your credit card information.

newsletter program

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