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Free Ecommerce Templates

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free ecommerce templates

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Free Ecommerce Templates


If you are new to the world of ecommerce, it might not be such a good idea to invest a lot of money up front. Take small steps to test the water and see if you are cut out for the role of an online store owner. A great way to get started is to use free ecommerce templates to design the website. Free templates usually have the same functionality as those that are offered for a fee. They are designed to be user-friendly for the benefit of both the online store owner and customers.

What are the advantages of using free ecommerce templates? Not only are they cost efficient, they also save a lot of set-up time by automatically activating once selected. This is a great option for merchants that are just starting out and want to earn money right away while avoiding large setup costs. If the templates do not suit your taste, all you have to do is look for another one and switch it.

Free ecommerce templates can only be used by people who create their website using WordPress. The downside is even though WordPress is a great platform for creating websites, their main focus is on blogs so the selection of ecommerce templates is very limited. A much better option is to use an ecommerce software solution, which not only provides beautifully designed templates, but also a host of tools to help manage and market the online store. Even though they charge a monthly fee, it’s still very affordable and much more beneficial in the long run.