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Facebook Integration

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Facebook Integration

How would you like to turn Facebook’s millions of users into potential customers? With Facebook integration, you can use the social media giant as your very own marketing tool. Many businesses have successfully branded and promoted themselves with Facebook and you can do it too.

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Facebook Integration

Facebook is the biggest social media website on the planet, with well over 400 million active users and counting. So how would you like to tap into this enormous market of potential customers? Many big name retailers are already finding success with Facebook marketing, it’s about time you use it for your e-commerce business.

The top three Facebook marketing methods are having a Facebook fan page, direct selling your products through Facebook and advertising on Facebook. These marketing methods can be used separately or in combination to better brand your business and drive more targeted traffic to your online store.

The first step is to create a Facebook fan page. There is no limit to the number of fans you are allowed to have. You can introduce more people to your brand, open up communication by letting fans discuss your products and services, and post all kinds of announcements on the page including new products, promotions and discounts.

The next step is to integrate the contents of your online store into your Facebook fan page. With social commerce application, you can sell your products directly in Facebook. Your fans can either go to your e-commerce site by clicking on a More Details link or directly adding products to a shopping cart by clicking on the Add to Cart link.

Finally you can pay for banner advertisements on Facebook. The good thing about advertising on Facebook is that it’s cheaper than Google Adwords. You can link it to your fan page to build a bigger following and the best part is you can target your audience by demographics.

What you need is an e-commerce solution that comes with Facebook integration. It should be able to easily post your products into your Facebook fan page as well as create lists of multiple products that acts as a stand alone store within your fan page.

facebook integration

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