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Ecommerce SEO

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Ecommerce SEO

Search engine optimization is necessary for a business to obtain customers naturally by way of search. Ecommerce seo is especially important to get product pages indexed by the search engines. Create your own online store with seo tools to effectively promote your products.

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Ecommerce SEO

SEO, which is short for search engine optimization is a technique used by webmasters to get more organic traffic by improving search engine ranking. It is just as important if not more for an e-commerce site to have good SEO.

Most online stores are not optimized very well and therefore are ranked pretty low in search engine results pages. There are many reasons for this, the main ones include too many images and not enough unique content, short generic descriptions, poor internal linking structure and heavy use of manufacture codes and product numbers instead of relevant keywords.

An e-commerce site must have the following basic SEO elements in order to improve its ranking. Search engine friendly URL’s that are dynamically generated for each product, category and content page, meta titles, descriptions and keywords to help search engines find out what each page on your site is about. Image alt and title tags to let the search engines know what your images are about.

Product specific keywords should be in the header tags as well as throughout all of your product and category pages. Increase internal linking by displaying breadcrumb navigation throughout your site. Finally a sitemap is needed to alert the search engines of new pages that need to be indexed or page updates that need to be crawled.

Even if you plan on using paid sources to promote your online store, it’s critical not to overlook organic search. Although you may not see the benefits of using this method right away, having potential customers find your site by way of search engines will have a long lasting effect on the success of your business.

What you need is an e-commerce solution that takes care of your basic SEO needs, such as automatically creating dynamic search engine friendly URL’s with canonical tags to avoid duplicate content, have the ability to auto generate or provide easy ways to add meta, image and header tags to all pages, have a Google XML sitemap built in for proper indexing and have the right validation to ensure your e-commerce site is correctly formatted for the search engines.

Let Core Commerce handle the basic SEO you need to get your store ranking high in the search engines. With design tools to set up your store in minutes, a full list of growing features at your disposal and superior support, it’s no wonder they are rated one of the best e-commerce solutions. Try it absolutely free for 15 days without giving them your credit card information.

ecommerce seo

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