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E-commerce Design

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E-Commerce Design

Great e-commerce design can easily be achieved with the right e-commerce solution. Build your own online store in minutes by choosing a professional store template with proven usability and navigation functions or creating your own custom ecommerce web page design.

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E-commerce Design

Design varies from website to website. For an e-commerce site, design should focus on usability. Your e-commerce website is supposed to do two main things, the first one is cater to the needs of customers and the second is to sell products. Therefore good e-commerce design is less about fancy features and more about easy navigation, an informative homepage and descriptive product pages.

Easy navigation is crucial to the success of your e-commerce business. If you want your visitors to stay on your site longer, you must make it as easy as possible for them to find what they are looking for. If they want to leave the current page, provide them with easy to follow navigation in the header, sidebar and footer sections of your website. Online stores that have complicated or confusing navigation will cause potential customers to leave the site entirely.

Your homepage is your virtual storefront. The visitor’s first impression of your store will in large part depend on how presentable your homepage is. Important things to display on the homepage include images of featured products or top selling products and announcements such as discounts, new promotions or special offers.

The product page is crucial for e-commerce design, it will determine whether a visitor goes to checkout or leave. The product page images should be very high in quality, be displayed in a variety of colors or at multiple angles, should be located above the fold, should have a zoom option if possible and depending on the product, should include size or scale specifications.

The product page description needs to be written above the fold. Has to include important product information such as available colors, sizes, materials, etc. Must not be too long. Has to include distinct call to action buttons nearby such as ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add to Cart’ and looks best on the right side of the page.

What you need is an e-commerce solution that offers a variety of ready made store templates to choose from. Gives you the ability to upload your own design if you have html knowledge. Have a built-in editor to customize pages. Gives you full control over site design. Provide a selection of commonly used e-comemrce buttons, and is capable of automatically resizing images into thumbnails.

Core Commerce is the perfect e-commerce solution for both the technically challenged as well as technically skilled. With design tools to set up your store in minutes, a full list of growing features at your disposal and superior support, it’s no wonder they are rated one of the best e-commerce solutions. Try it absolutely free for 15 days without giving them your credit card information.

e-commerce design

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