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E-commerce Definition

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e-commerce definition

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E-commerce Definition


It’s easy to come up with a simple e-commerce definition, but there is a lot more to it than you may think. According to most people, e-commerce is basically the buying and selling of products over the Internet. That however, is too simplistic and narrow of a definition. If you take into account all of the components that make up e-commerce, you will realize how much more of a role e-commerce plays among all of the activities that take place online.

For those that are not too familiar with the e-commerce definition, they usually do not realize that services can also be bought and sold. For instance there are web design, marketing, and many more services that can be either completed physically or through the web. Physical services may include local businesses that have a website allowing potential customers to pay for and schedule services to be completed at a later date. Web services may include anything that can be accomplished over the Internet. Not only can people buy and sell services through exclusive website, but there are also marketplaces for this type of transaction such as or

Another striking misconception is that e-commerce solely deals with business to consumer type websites. Most people do not realize how much business to business and even consumer to consumer activities go on over the Internet. All three types of websites combined together make up the entire e-commerce definition. As the Internet evolved throughout the years, the concept of e-commerce has grown exponentially. It has since become one of the most effective business models on the Internet and will continue to grow.